Addastone TP – Resin Bound Tree Pit System

Addastone Tree Pit is designed to provide an attractive and aesthetically pleasing porous paving system, using a variety of natural or recycled aggregates.

Available in either Epoxy or a UV stable Polyurethane, the resin binder is mixed with our range of natural or recycled aggregate with a typical grading of 6-10mm.

The open texture achieved provides a highly porous resin bound surface, allowing the tree roots access to both air and water penetration.

As Addastone Tree Pit installations are installed flush with the surrounding paving areas they have the added advantage of not becoming a litter trap that can occur with traditional tree grilles.

Foot Traffic

25mm depth – No foot traffic.

50mm depth – Light foot traffic.

75mm depth – Heavy foot traffic.

Addastone Tree Pit :

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